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In 2006, the federal government and other authorized users of the GSA Schedules Program purchased in excess of $40 Billion in products and services through the GSA Schedules.  If your business offers commercial products or services that could help the government fulfill its various missions, then you should consider entering this great source of opportunity, or, if you have already made the decision to participate in the schedules program but want to better exploit this resource, or have become overly burdened or deficient in the management of your schedules program, then GSA Today can provide the support services and training you need.

Schedule Facilitation – Includes preparation and facilitation of your offer and GSA Schedule award, including final negotiations and a debrief to your staff’s key personnel.

GSA Business Management – Outsource all or part of your GSA Schedule contract administration and management to us.  To include, but not limited to:  Schedule Maintenance and Modifications, Quotation Preparation, Proposal Support, Audit Assistance, IFF Reporting, Agreement Management (BPA’s, BOA’s, Teaming, Nondisclosure, Etc), Schedule Input Program (SIP) uploads and updates and Event Representation and Protest Management.

Industrial Matching - We can provide you with pre-qualified small businesses that have been reviewed to best fulfill your small business set aside requirements or provide you with access to any type of GSA Schedule under a pass through arrangement in the event you are required to have a GSA Schedule as the basis of your quotation or proposal.

Due Diligence & Audits - Considering an acquisition or merger? Mitigate the risk associated with those known and unknown liabilities of an acquisition or merger by hiring a diligence team that is proven and effective. We analyze all offerings, schedules, ancillary agreements, and orders with emphasis on limitation of funds, terms and conditions compliance and performance assessments in accordance with performance based standards. We contact contracting officers and customers to ensure good standing. Comprehensive analysis reports, corrective action plans, revenue assessments and pipeline summaries with capture speculations are provide as part of our commitment to excellence.

Expert Witness Services - GSA Today subject matter experts are educated professionals that possess in excess of 20 years of service to the GSA Schedules program.  They have been involved in litigation, testify at depositions, provide opinion papers and will be with your legal team through the rigors of the courtroom.  When you need a voice on your side that delivers, has authority and is respected, Res Ipsa (let the facts speak) because GSA Today experts are the best from Government and Industry.

Services are offered on a monthly term, hourly term with a retainer, or can be priced and delivered on an as needed basis.  Call (202) 349-3948 for current pricing and program details.